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We're a team from Belgrade Serbia, consisting of professionals
at the top of their game, with an expertise in our fields.

Digital Tribe | Creators of digital experiences

A team of professionals at your service

Our story started in 2019 when we decided to form an agency that will provide full digital marketing and web development services. After working in many industries, companies and agencies we identified the weak points which were costing businesses in their revenues but we also gathered a lot of experience in leading our team and coworkers towards achieving great results for our clients!

We are constantly improving our services and we keep you updated with any new stuff we dig out that might be of a great interest for you. Our team is learning new skills, adding freshness, more ideas and creative thoughts into our processes to help you get to the top. We are not a corporation or a huge agency, we are like a family and we love new challenges!

The way we work

It starts with strategy.

We dive headfirst into your company, brand, content, and goals. Our team will dig up all the competing companies and brands and see what sort of strategy have been working for them. This helps us understand how to make your business uniquely yours and build it up in a digital world.

We create concepts

Our next thing on the checklist is to create a concept that will work for you. We make monthly, quarterly and yearly plans for you so we can know what challenges are in front of us and what we want to accomplish together. One thing is for certain, this is where the hype starts!

Developing a solution

Now when we have all the information we need, our next task is to get to work. Our development team will follow the strategy and concepts in order to make them more visible and touchable for you. Our plan and your vision are soon becoming a reality!

Realization phase

This is where you see all the work we have put in. The overall strategy has been met and we are now implementing our development into a completion. End results are almost all the same – happiness on both sides! We are now launching your new online business into a digital orbit, and look, it keeps growing!

Let’s get you
launched to the top!

Reach out to us with your ideas and problems,
we will identify and pinpoint all the pitfalls we see and provide solutions for them